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Meet The Wolf hear it from us

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  1. What is your role on the staff and how long have you been writing for us?

Jake: “I’m a graphic designer and I’ve been writing and making graphics for The Wolf for the first time this school year.”

Olivia: “I am the Bilingual Editor on staff, and I’ve been writing and translating stories for three years now.”

  1. What drew you to the newspaper staff and journalism overall?

J: “My sister said it’s a fun class to just make some graphics for the paper and to share some ideas.”

O: I enjoyed the journalism class taught by Mr. Mooney, and I wanted my own opinion to be part of the media shared with the community.

  1. Do you have a favorite section to write for? Why is it your favorite?

J: “Sports is definitely my favorite. Just writing or making a graphic about something I’m really passionate about is a fun thing for me.”

O: “Well, I am partial to the bilingual section since I create it, but the Fold (very center of the newspaper) is my favorite because of the design and use of color to display several different perspectives of a certain topic.”

  1. What’s the best thing you have taken part in as part of the staff of The Wolf?

J: “Being able to showcase some work to the school and create a really nice paper with The Wolf as a class means a lot.”

O: “My favorite moments are always at our paste ups, when we stay after school (for several hours) to bring together the completed issue before the deadline.  I love becoming closer with the staff and our adviser, Ms. Lacy.”

  1. What is the most difficult challenge you have faced as part of the staff The Wolf? What did you learn from this adversity?

J: “A tough challenge I’ve dealt with was trying to manage my time with all the issues or artworks I’ve got to get in. It taught me to be more accountable.”

O: “Finding relevant, timely topics from all cultures included in the school, and presenting them in an interesting point of view.”

  1. What is something important that you seek to show the student body with your work on The Wolf’s staff?

J: “That so many students here are capable of creating great things and have a platform to show something important.”

O: “We put all our effort into offering up content unbiased and inclusive of all beliefs of the student body; however, we can’t write about things we do not experience or know about.  If you have issues you want to be talked about and heard in our community, consider joining our staff and help represent the diverse, knowledgeable paper we put out monthly.”