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Lea Olivares Raudes
Staff Writer, Graphics Team

Summer music: what you should be expecting

Art by Lea Olivares Raudes

Summer is a moment of our lives that brings plenty of optimism and brightness. This can be seen in the way we act,feel, dress, in the things that occupy our days and the music we listen to. It would be impossible to put all the music people listen to into one category, but one thing many people can agree on is having music that always draws them back to summer. 

This type of music is different for one and all, but there are common schemes and styles of music that we may see trending during the summer of 2024.

Tualatin High School students Yuthika Pandey and Molly Labhart shared some of the music they will be listening to this summer, as well as a few predictions about trending tunes.

Labhart: Probably a mixture of Bob Marley and SZA. More music that induces happiness. Probably some R&B as well.

Pandey: I also feel like I’m missing indie summer music like “Are You Bored Yet” by Wallows and “Looking Out for You” by Joy Again. I want to hear that again. 

Through research and observing current events trending on social media and the music industry, here are some other music themes we expect to see everywhere this summer.

As temperatures rise and you have more time on your hands, simple times during the summer may bring back old memories. One time many will think back to is the summer experiences during quarantine. This was a time obsessed with anything indie, grunge, angsty lyrics and fuzzy guitar lines. 

A song that perfectly encapsulates the feelings of 2020, as well as the evanescent time as a teenager, is “Kids” by The Frights. The album on which it appears, You Are Going To Hate This, is a work that truly has it all, from melancholic, peaceful tunes to ecstatic anthems anyone can love. 

Another type of music that we will see a lot of can be coined as surf rock psychedelia. This can include songs such as “Summer ‘68” by Pink Floyd. Though this song is from 1970, it does not fail to capture the bright, carefree sentiments of summer. 

“Warmth of the Sun” by Levitation Room and “Surprise” by Camp Howard are both songs we should hear on beach day and late-night swim playlists. Finally, summer is a time of elation and amusement that only lasts so long. Expect to see bright, exciting hip-hop and rap songs that you and your friends can scream along to or even see in concert, if you’re lucky. 

The artist AG Club brings us this exact feeling with their new album BRODIES WORLD bringing us songs like “CAJH DAY*” and “Barry,” which will immediately bring up the energy in any circumstance. Their song “Memphis” will also become a song stuck in everyone’s head. 

A common theme within the music listened to during the summer, trending or not, is being able to enjoy your life without having to worry about school or other compromises for a time. These short months make all your feelings saturated, which is what leads to such fun, upbeat music. May these songs take you through a breezy and fun summer break.


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