Things that will stay the same for years to come

Sean Khanna

Today, new technology is constantly being created and modified in order to support the hectic lives of modern day citizens. Although many things are changing and older products that can no longer keep up with new inventions are being thrown away, some things will always stay the same.

For instance, books will never be replaced by anything, especially ebooks. Although ebooks may have some advantages over real books because of the light weight and portability of having hundreds of books on one small device, there is a reason why books continue to dominate the market. Ebooks are actually known to reduce reading comprehension. In a study of middle schoolers, West Chester University found that students who read on iPads are less likely to comprehend what they read compared to those who read printed books. Kids often resorted to skipping pages on the ebooks for the interactive features, which contradicts the purpose of them, causing more kids to lose focus on the point of the lesson. Even though ebooks engage kids more physically than regular books, children actually remembered fewer narrative details when reading the ebook than the printed book.

Also, protests have always been used as a form of making a statement for what people disapprove of or object to. Protesting has been documented for centuries, and people continue to do it today. This shows that citizens understand what is happening around them and want to express their opinions in a non-violent manner to better change their communities. Some examples of protests include those for women’s rights, gun restriction, abortion and others. The continuance of protests displays that people’s initiative to act upon situations that seem unfair will never die out, regardless of whether it occurs in Ancient Greece or today.

Finally, older generations will always disapprove of the younger generations’ use of technology. The younger generation is never understood and is always thought of as irrational by the elderly. Seniors are unable to keep up with the constant changes, including smartphones, social media, modern slang, trends and more.  Even before smartphones, the younger generation still came under scrutiny for using new technology ‘obsessively’—like a home phone or desktop computer. Teens today, and in past generations, have always been bothered about spending too much time watching TV, talking on the phone or staring at screens, and new technology that is being released every year along with increased battery life doesn’t help. The modern culture doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere, and nor does the criticism of the older generation.

Although things such as technology will constantly improve from decade to decade, there will always be some things that will remain a staple throughout the many generations to come.