Construction Update

What's going on behind all of those fences?


Since the last construction update, there has been immense physical change and worthy progress. Outside, it would be difficult not to notice the new structures and foundations that have taken the place of the once-bare, unoccupied ground. Inside, we are experiencing a full-on transition with many relocations taking place.

Due to the south lot construction of new classrooms and a new main office, the special education program was forced to relocate to the old main office area. The main office has now temporarily replaced the previous faculty lounge, and staff are now able to eat lunch in a former health classroom.

Obviously, these are not the only changes. Both locker rooms were forced to find new homes while new ones are constructed, with the men’s locker room being two weeks into its new wrestling room niche. We can consider ourselves lucky, as our wonderful athletic trainer, George, wasn’t so fortunate. He went from walking around his decent-sized, trainer-specific room with ice baths, hydrocollators, tables and plenty of other necessities to rummaging through piled-up debris in a pantry-sized storage closet. His biggest loss is perhaps his computer space. We feel for you, George.

Many students have been frustrated, expecting buildings to magically rise out of the ground overnight. However, in order to start building above ground, a significant amount of inspecting and surveying is required underground. Once given the green light, crews can proceed with the foundation. At this point, everything is on schedule. Regarding the tech wing and the north commons construction, the foundations have been completed, and above-ground framework is underway.

Unfortunately, parking will continue to be an issue, and staff and crews have appreciated the flexibility.

“Students have been great about the parking situation and all of the commotion,” Principal Michael Dellerba said. “We appreciate it and hope for the same future cooperation.”

If you’re wondering about the new bathrooms across from the counseling office, they won’t be done any time soon.

The master deadline for all construction is in August before the 2019-20 school year’s commencement.