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Indulge in flavors of the season: A mashed potato review

Art by Frida Ruiz

Indulge in flavors of the season: A mashed potato review


With the holiday season on the horizon, the anticipation of scrumptious feasts fills the air. Irrespective of one’s cultural background or holiday preferences, there’s unanimous agreement that mashed potatoes reign supreme as the quintessential side dish of the fall and winter seasons.

As a devoted mashed potato enthusiast for over 17 years, my expertise in this creamy delicacy knows no bounds. Armed with a wealth of knowledge, I embarked on a culinary adventure, enlisting the talents of three esteemed chef friends to put their potato-mashing prowess to the test.


Chef Christopher Parra’s “Potato Delight”

Our first contender, Christopher Parra, presented his renowned “Potato Delight,” a closely-guarded family recipe. Alas, secrecy prevailed, and I was unable to share the coveted formula. 

Parra declared, “My mash is the creamiest and fluffiest anyone will ever eat; it’s flavorful and downright gorgeous.” 

My assessment? Truly delightful. This creation boasted a delightful garlicky and peppery flavor profile, accompanied by an impeccably smooth and creamy texture. Chef Parra’s mastery of potato mashing earns a well-deserved rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars.


Chef Sydney McDonald’s “Best Bagged ‘Tatoes”

Moving on to our second contender, McDonald’s “Best Bagged ‘Tatoes.” I regret to say that I encountered a disappointing experience. The serving of Idahoan Buttery Mash from a $1 powder packet lacked seasoning and suffered from the presence of undissolved powder particles. 

When confronted, Chef McDonald defended, “It’s a bagged mash… what did you expect?” 

Consequently, I can only grant McDonald’s  creation a rating of 2 out of 5. While not the worst, there’s certainly room for improvement.


Chef Leaf Flemming’s “Mashtatstic Potatoes”

Our final contender, Leaf Flemming, presented “Mashtatstic Potatoes,” a homemade mash prepared with love and care. 

Chef Flemming shared, “Anything made with love and potatoes tastes delish!” 

And she was absolutely right. This dish exuded an unmistakable warmth and flavor, with  silky richness and perfect seasoning. Using classic russet potatoes and a precise balance of milk and butter, Flemming showcased mastery in simplicity. It’s with great pleasure that I award “Mashtatstic Potatoes” a perfect score of 5 out of 5.


These three culinary maestros generously shared their mashed potato recipes, for which I am eternally grateful. Crafting the perfect mashed potatoes is an art, demanding attention to seasoning, potato variety, consistency and presentation. This humble dish has been known to spark holiday disputes, but it also unites people worldwide in their adoration of the beloved mashed potato. Indeed, everybody loves mashed potatoes.

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