Big Moments in 2010

Halle Meslow


  • 6, 2012:President Barack Obama is reelected after defeating Republican candidate Mitt Romney.


  • June 26, 2015: Supreme Court legalizes gay marriage in the United States.


  • June 23, 2016: United Kingdom withdraws from the European Union (EU).


  • 8, 2016: Republican candidate and businessman Donald Trump wins presidential election against former Secretary of State and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.



Pop Culture:

  • 6, 2015: Lin Manuel Miranda debuts his new Broadway show Hamilton, which drastically grows in popularity and box office profits through the decade.


  • 23, 2012: Film adaptation of The Hunger Gamesis released into theaters and goes on to make billions within a four-film franchise.


  • 20, 2015:Adele releases 25, which becomes the highest-selling album of the decade.


  • Fall 2017:A New York Timesexposé reveals the alleged details behind acclaimed film producer Harvey Weinstein’s predatory behavior and ignites the #metoo movement within Hollywood.


  • 26, 2019: Marvel releases Avengers: Endgame; the finale to the series becomes the highest-grossing movie of all time, with $2.79 billion made worldwide.


News and Events:

●      Jan. 12, 2010:Haiti is devastated by a massive 7.0-magnitude earthquake.


●      May 2, 2011: Osama Bin Laden, mastermind of the 9/11, 2001 attacks, is killed by U.S. Navy SEALS in Pakistan.


  • 5, 2016: Summer Olympics take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


●      Nov. 2, 2016: Chicago Cubs win their first World Series since 1908.


●      Aug. 25, 2017: Disastrous Hurricane Harvey hits the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean and Atlantic.

Notable Deaths:

  • 5, 2011:Steve Jobs, creator of Apple
  • 11, 2012:Whitney Houston, singer
  • 5, 2013:Nelson Mandela, first black president of South Africa
  • 11, 2014:Robin Williams, actor
  • 10, 2016:David Bowie, singer
  • 21, 2016:Prince, singer
  • June 3, 2016:Muhammad Ali, boxer
  • 16, 2018:Aretha Franklin, singer
  • 12, 2018:Stan Lee, comic book writer