Quirky Super Bowl ads leave some scratching their heads

Catherine Phipps

Many watched the Super Bowl for the Chiefs or the 49ers. Some watched it for J-Lo and Shakira. But others know what the main event really was: the countless ads injected with unrelated celebrities and cringiness, desperate to rake in cash. Here are some of the most memorable.


Snickers previewed their Super Bowl ad with—you guessed it—multiple smaller ads. Each had a construction worker sharing that they “dig” because of all that is wrong with the world, like moms arguing in online comments sections or people thinking it’s socially acceptable to talk on speakerphone in public. Then each ad played a soft chorus of people singing, “We’re digging a huge hole.” Right off the bat, the award for Most Confusing Super Bowl Ad Teaser goes to Snickers. If that wasn’t enough, they also managed to get the award for Most Musical Superbowl

Ad, with their full commercial consisting of more people voicing their frustrations with how the world is so out of sorts, that there’s only one thing left to do; dig a massive hole and have everyone march down in song to witness the dropping of an enormous Snickers into it.


Aquaman’s Jason Momoa is frequently praised for being a talented actor, and also for being 6’4” and ripped with beautiful hair. Rocket Mortgage’s ad began with him telling how he feels so comfortable in his own home, apparently comfortable enough to take off all his muscles and even his luscious locks. With an audience left devastated, to say the least, their only relief comes from knowing that, with the help of Rocket Mortgage, they can have a personalized and convenient experience financing their home.


To say Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” is overplayed would be the understatement of the decade, but Doritos somehow managed to use it in their ad without making all of America run for cover. Set in the Cool Ranch of the wild west, the Grammy winner and world-renowned Twitter star finally met his match in a showdown with actor Sam Elliot, who is distinguished for his roles as cowboys and ranchers. But instead of pointing guns, they settled their differences with a dance-off. Despite Elliot’s dancing mustache, Lil Nas won with his horse’s smooth moves, and his bedazzled outfit didn’t hurt either.