PDX Food Tour: reporters scour Portland in search of treats

Picture this: You beg Teddy, your local entertainment editor for days on end. You bribe, attempt to seduce and even send borderline death threats for the chance at writing the infamous PDX food tours. And the outcome…..an epic adventure.

The day has arrived. After weeks of rescheduling, we book a lunch only for Hannah to sleep through it. Disappointment. Carry on. Dinner.

The time is now 5 pm and Hannah and her mother, Gaby, kidnap Emily in a white van in the pouring rain, but it’s okay, because Emily came prepared with a leopard print bucket hat from Urban. You pick a restaurant: The House of Ramen, we decide, even though Emily loathes ramen and Hannah despises raw eggs. Irrelevant. Gaby says deuces and we sprint into the House of Ramen, scared and alone.

Looking at the prices, which are too high for unemployed freeloaders like ourselves, we tell each other “This ain’t it, shawty”. We wipe sweat from our brows as the cashier stares us down expectantly, waiting for our order.

After what seems like a lifetime of deliberation, Emily’s unstable self decides to switch to a burger place 15 minute walk away…In the pouring rain…Idiot. Carry on. Brunch Box.

We run through the intersections, rain dripping down our faces, fear clouding our vision. We are afraid, but our adrenaline is pumping.

You must be thinking, it can’t possibly get worse; it does. An elderly man passes us by and tells us, “good day.” No time for hesitation. We zoom.

Finally, we reach “Brunch Box”, an artsy burger place hidden on SW 9th Avenue. It’s worth every struggle.

The Review:

Brunch Box is the perfect restaurant for a late night hangout with friends. Chill music and casual setting creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Emily’s order: Free Bird (a chicken sandwich) without pickles, with lettuce.

  • I come back to Brunch Box every time I go downtown just for this chicken sandwich. The stand out factor is Brunch Box’s sweet super sauce. It ties in the entire sandwich. The chicken is crispy and delicately seasoned, just enough to bring out some flavor but not so much that it overwhelms. I’d recommend 11/10.

Hannah’s order: Black and Bleu (A cheeseburger with blue cheese, lettuce, Brunch Box’s signature secret sauce and pickles) without mayo, mustard and onions.

  • As a first timer, I went with my instinct and opted for a burger with more bold ingredients. I would 10/10 recommend this for someone with a taste for strong flavors, and of course, blue cheese.

Overall consensus: Great for a laid back hangout, but wouldn’t recommend for a large party or a fancier event. We ended the night with Salt and Straw and a visit to Goodwill so Hannah could pick out her second “Live With An Author” Book; procrastination at its finest. Moral of the story: Never give Hannah and Emily the PDX Food Tour story again.