Spirit App Soon to Appear at TuHS

Teddy Fronczak

Tualatin ASB is testing out a new technique to increase student attendance at school events through a technology called “Spirit.” Spirit is an app that TuHS students can download, and it allows them to earn “Spirit” points for simply showing up to school-wide events. For example, if a student attends a basketball game, the app will allow that student to “check-in” and award them a predetermined number of points for their participation. This is done through location services and the point value, and event details are managed by ASB. The app keeps track of the amount of points a student has accumulated, and displays their ranking on a leaderboard among the rest of the school’s users, as well as ranking each grade based on cumulative points.

Tualatin ASB also can decide the number of points a student receives for attending each event. The purpose of this is to bring in higher attendance rates from the student body at some traditionally less-recognized functions. Ideally, if there was the opportunity to earn more points than usual for attending swim meets, plays, choir concerts and open-mic nights, this would not only prompt more students to attend, but also potentially encourage them to become more involved, spirited and, most importantly, knowledgeable about all sorts of offerings at Tualatin.

Tigard High School introduced the app to its student body this last September and have noted its benefit. The ASB Spirit Director there, Ethan McClelland, commented, “We have somewhere between a third and a half of our student body on the ‘Spirit’ app, and I’ve seen a big spike in attendance at events this year!”

Community sponsors, including Dutch Bros, Cabela’s, Mashita’s Teriyaki, Belfor Restoration, Fred Meyer and Gregson Family Dentistry, have backed the app and donated an array of prizes to promote earning “Spirit” points. The grand prize is a brand new, latest-generation iPad, retailing at $329. Other prizes include free cookies from the Wolf Den, an assortment of gift cards, Hydroflasks and more.

Tualatin ASB Spirit Director Ava Melson, commented “The future is bright with this app. Since it is only the first year, we are all learning and adapting to make it fit exactly what TuHS needs. In the coming years, I hope to see even bigger attendance at all events, as well as even better prizes and more community involvement. Go Wolves!”