Movies, series to watch while staying home

Olivia Seits, Staff Writer

   Staying home because of COVID-19 likely means sleeping in, snacking and doing a whole lot of nothing for many TuHS students. Doing nothing often includes binge watching every fan-favorite movie or TV show. However, finding the perfect show seems to be the most difficult part, so you best believe The Wolf has a list of go-to ideas for you… 

Dirty Dancing (1987):

    You’re lying if you say that you’ve never seen this movie. If you actually haven’t though, watch it. Right now. This classic movie is about a forbidden love story between a wealthy girl and a dance instructor at a resort during the summer. It’s about enjoying one’s youth and incorporates topics such as injustice and prejudice. Can you dance? No? That’s what we thought. But after you watch this movie, your hips won’t lie. 

Robots (2005): 

    This is one of the most ultimate childhood movies ever, and you can’t tell us otherwise. The voice actors of the movie, Ewan McGregor and Robin Williams, tie in their humorous personalities to create a story about a robot who sets off to achieve his dreams away from home. There’s even a dance number and, no, it’s not a musical. Now, we know you may be having doubts about this movie, especially if you haven’t seen it, but it’s guaranteed to be good. 

Wizards of Waverly Place (2007-2012):

    This right here is a top pick for Disney’s TV shows and most people would agree. If not, then they should. Wizards of Waverly Place is about a family of wizards who run a subway sandwich shop in Manhattan and go on crazy magical adventures that occur due to their meddling-yet-humorous behavior. This is an all-around feel-good show and will definitely be nostalgic for those who watched it as a child.

Killing Eve (2018-present):

    This thriller is sure to be your new TV show addiction. Killing Eve is a fresh take on the life of a spy. This spy in particular, Eve, is smart yet bored with her life. Being a spy doesn’t live up to her expectations, until she receives her assignment to chase down a crazy assassin.