Spring break ideas

Stella Fetherston, Staff Writer

Tubular Spring Break Ideas: 


Spring break is coming, which could mean any manner of fun activities. Hopefully, you’ll be able to keep a semi-regular sleep schedule (you won’t) while still living it up. With enough inspiration, this spring break is surely going to be memorable. But the only (almost) sure-fire way to have a good time is to follow this handy-dandy guide!  


  • Break provides enough free time to start a workout routine (and get some sweet abs). But let’s be honest with ourselves: it’ll be easier to quit because after four days there is still no definition.  


  • With “Our Town” coming up, now is a perfect time to see some school plays! Legend has it you can hear the tech crew crying from behind the curtain. 


  • Spring cleaning alert! Find a random burst of motivation at 3 a.m. and try to Marie Kondo your room, but realize the only thing you’re capable of doing is the laundry. Of course, the pile on your floor will reappear; it’s just a matter of stalling until next spring. 


  • Find some markers, a journal and research cute calligraphy. “It’s only bullet journaling,” you think. Not to mention, everyone who has a bullet journal seems so put together and creative! But is it a form of organization, or just another reason to get more stationary?


  • People are anxious to escape. Leave the city. The state. The country. Everyone’s running from something, but for now it’s just ‘family vacation’ in Hawaii. 


  • Break? Athletes don’t even know the meaning of the word. Let’s get this bread. Obtain this grain. Yeet this yeast. Just remember that this spring break, we work as a team.


  • Band and orchestra students are told to keep practicing even when school is out, so they should bring the instruments home. Even the idea of practicing is enough to make Steg shed a tear of joy.  But for now, he can only hope and dream for maybe one or two students to follow through.  


  • Binge watch your favorite TV shows and movies. So what if the screen is too bright, if you haven’t slept in 89 hours, or if you haven’t left your room in 6 days? It’s still fun. For an added bonus, keep the blinds shut and the mirrors covered. That way, everyone will assume you’re a vampire instead of a disappointment to your parents. 


  • Nothing says spring break like homework! That’s why you should spend your days prior complaining to your friends about how much homework so-and-so gives, or how little homework you got from whatever class. We all know that this homework is being saved for the night before break ends. Without that little tinge of panic growing in the back of your head, would this even be a break?


  • File a formal complaint with The Wolf because one of their staff-writers keeps using ‘you,’ like they know absolutely anything. Second-person is so unprofessional. You’ve also been getting kind of unnerved. 


  • Coming back with a new haircut is always so exciting! Spring break is the perfect time to experiment and get a perm. But it’s not like you’d have the guts to tell your barber that you don’t like the length. 


  • Any break is a great time to hang out with some friends. Whether you’re going out or staying home (or anything in between), there is plenty of time to goof off. At the end of the day, what would spring break be without teenage hooligans having fun?