Meet the Wolf: Emily and Hannah

Mahathi Sridhar, Staff Writer

For this month’s Meet The Wolf, I caught up with two of The Wolf’s coolest gals. Sophomores Hannah Figueroa and Emily Tran talk everything from relationships to food in this edition of Meet The Wolf!


Q: Why did you join the newspaper?

Emily Phuong Tran: I lived in Vietnam for 11 years, where the government controlled all the newspapers. Being able to have freedom of press is the reason why I joined Newspaper. 

Hannah Figueroa: I love writing and wanted a place to share my opinion with others. Newspaper is a great opportunity to write about things I feel passionate about and be in a supportive community, 

Q: Favorite part of being on staff?

ET: Constant PDA from Lupita and Matthew.

HF: Finding Maya a romantic companion and attempting to seduce Teddy.

Q: Favorite section to write for?

ET: Opinion! I love that it gives us space to voice our thoughts to the whole community. 

HF: Definitely opinion because I can express how I feel to the students of our school.

Q: Weirdest thing about yourself?

ET: I bake. 

HF: I speak fluent cursive.

Q: What is your favorite thing to do outside of school?

ET: Juggling. 

HF: Third wheeling with Mahathi and Naiya

Q: Biggest accomplishment?

ET: Writing a diss track in an hour. 

HF: Finishing my Live With an Author essay.

Rapid Fire Round:

Q: Favorite person on staff?

ET: Mahathi.

HF: Everyone but Mahathi. 

Q: Favorite Food?

ET: Salt and Straw Honey Lavender Ice Cream.

HF: Salad.

Q: Celebrity Crush

ET:  Florence Pugh.

HF: Zendaya.

Q: Favorite party trick?

ET: I can write backwards. 

HF: Disappearing

Q: Dream fishing spot?

ET: The sea of guys Hannah has played. There’s a lot to catch there. 

HF: IDK maybe the bottomless abyss of Emily’s ego or whatever.

Q: Most overused phrase?

ET: “Hannah, are you wearing low-waisted jeans?!” 

HF: “Haven’t you had enough!”

Q: Can you roll your tongue? 

ET: Yes Grrrshshhh. 

HF: That’s funny, Emily, but I don’t remember asking. 

Q: Favorite grape-flavored item?

ET: Hi-Chew.

HF: Puff bar. Just kidding. Don’t do drugs.

Q: Things that drive you the most crazy about each other?

ET: When Hannah breathes.

HF: Emily’s massive ego

Q: When’s the wedding?

ET: Uhm, no thanks. 

HF: She wishes.