How to support local business admist pandemic

Stella Fetherston, Staff Writer

Local businesses are struggling through stay-at-home orders, but if you have the means, still using their services could help small businesses regain their footing. Coronavirus is putting local shops and restaurants at risk for serious economic trouble; however, most businesses have made changes to try and accommodate social-distancing policies. Establishments which are local to our community, like Powell’s or Mashita’s, cannot operate without our support. 

First, you can check a business’ website or call them for updated policies. Most companies will offer “no-touch” curbside pick-up or delivery services. When ordering take-out, tip your server if at all possible. Service people are not only on the front-line, but they’re also working hard to provide us with these amenities. Other establishments offer gift cards which you can use in-store once coronavirus is brought under control. If you’re unable to purchase from local businesses, consider a shout-out through social media, which helps to advertise these shops. 

Artists and comedians are still working, too. Attending a virtual concert helps them, and you can enjoy watching your favorite singer from home. Even if they aren’t local, any contribution possible helps them to keep performing through these uncertain times. 

Hopefully, by offering support to one another, our community will grow closer than before.