College football conferences resume despite COVID-19

Evan Frazier, Sports Editor

With COVID-19 still looming around the world, it leaves the question of whether bigger conferences in college football will resume. Most conferences have continued their play but will not compete for a National Title. 

The Pacific Coast Conference (PAC-12) is by far one of the most dominant conferences in college football, which makes it way harder to digest the fact that they haven’t started play yet. As of late September, the council voted to play college football this fall. The rules consist of a seven-team schedule, possibly making the college football playoffs, as well. The committee decided to reverse the decision due to the other powerhouse conferences changing their mind on playing. They plan to play their first game in November.

The Big Ten conference had originally canceled the season in early August, claiming that they were not going to play any games no matter the circumstances. By the end of August, however, they reversed the decision to continue the season. As of now, they are playing with limited fans until further notice and asking fans to practice social distancing inside the stadium. The Big Ten had their players and coaches quarantine before they practiced for two and a half weeks. They have been playing just fine so far this season with no games being postponed. 

The Southeastern Conference (SEC) had also planned to cancel their season, but like always, their decision was reversed. They planned on playing their first game during what would have been week four of the regular season. The SEC plans to play a 10-game schedule against teams only in their conference. This conference is also a favorite to have a champion crowned after the regular season.

The ACC  will have an 11-game schedule, also being college football playoff eligible. This is a huge conference as well, so sports companies and football fans are pumped. The ACC never had plans to cancel the season back during the summer; their original plan was to play normally, but due to COVID, they must reduce their season to mainly in-conference opponents. 

The Big-12 is the last of the five-headed beast known as the “Power 5 Conferences.” This conference is one of the more dominant ones within the Power 5, having Oklahoma, Texas, Texas A&M, Baylor and TCU. The Big-12 did not make any adjustments to their schedule and played whoever was able throughout the fall. They are obviously eligible for College Football Playoffs. 

In the end, college football is back, and nothing can compare to the excitement that most fans are feeling right now.