TTSD families consider new ways to trick-or-treat

Stella Fetherston, Art Editor

As Halloween creeps around the corner, some Tigard and Tualatin families plan to celebrate Halloween while adhering to COVID-19 guidelines. These precautions will include frequent hand sanitizer stops, a mask and a socially-distanced form of candy exchange. 

One TuHS junior, Nolan Bensinger, has a little brother who is planning to go trick-or-treating on Halloween night. 

“He’s gonna go trick-or-treating as a Fortnite character because he enjoys the candy and going with friends,” Bensinger said. 

Other families aren’t comfortable with having their kids trick-or-treat this year. 

Alexis Davis, junior, said one solution is, “buying the candy for myself and myself alone” instead of trick-or-treating. 

As for parents, the Bensingers have agreed to leave out a box of candy and small toys for the trick-or-treaters who might be out in the neighborhood. The bowl of candy seems to be a somewhat universal courtesy for those who are comfortable with it. 

Madison Dowell, another junior, said, “At the beginning of October, my dad was like, ‘We’re not going trick-or-treating, but we will have a small bowl of candy outside and some hand sanitizer.’” 

Even if people plan to trick-or-treat now, the weather might further discourage potential trick-or-treaters. If it’s a beautiful October day, then spending three hours outside doesn’t seem too miserable. But as we’ve seen earlier this month, sideways rain is always a possibility when it comes to Oregon weather. Halloween will certainly be unusual this year, but thanks to the creativity of TTSD families, safe trick-or-treating is possible.