Zodiac superlatives reveal your true personality

Naiya Gates, Humor Editor

Even though some are skeptical about the legitimacy of horoscopes and zodiacs, they can help you understand yourself and your friends better. If this is you, just be warned, you may or may not like what you find here…


Most Likely to Win Kahoot and Get the Candy Every Single Time: Aries

An Aries is very competitive. They are very efficient as well as resourceful and can accomplish just about any task. They will most likely beat you in every contest, and it will probably go to their head, as well. Someone needs to keep them humble!


Most Likely to Steal What You Were Going to Say in the Socratic Discussion: Taurus

A Taurus is knowledgeable and well-spoken. They will definitely come out with that four in analysis on their English essays. They are people you want to be partners with for group presentations. (If you convince them to do all the talking, just sit back and relax, because you will be getting an A.)


Most Likely to Be the Teacher’s Pet: Gemini

All Geminis have excellent social skills and can be friends with almost anyone. Not that they are necessarily suck-ups, but they definitely know how to act to get an advantage in every situation. Let’s just say they are amazing as friends and ruthless as enemies.


Most Likely Spend Their Whole Friday Night Organizing Their Markers: Cancer

Any Cancer is organized, persistent and will do whatever it takes to get a job done. They have an extreme amount of patience, which makes them great marker organizers and also leaders. But don’t get too close! They are also known for manipulation, which is sometimes what it takes to be a good leader. Just don’t give them too much power.


Most Likely to Be the Only One With Their Camera on in Class: Leo

Leos are not only dependable but also very independent. They are very self-driven and make for very unique and original personalities. They have excessive amounts of energy which makes them very fun to be around and perfect for bringing the party to any class they’re in.


Most Likely to Be the Friend That Tells You Your Shirt Is on Inside Out: Virgo

Virgos are critical and analytical, as well as very, very loyal. We all have that one friend that doesn’t hesitate for a second to call you out on anything, which sometimes we are very grateful for, and other times we aren’t. Virgos will be by your side 24/7 and be your right-hand man on your road to success.


Most Likely to Be the One to Ask the Teacher a Question One Minute Before Class Is Over, Making the Class Stay Late: Libra

Libras are very bright and curious people. They are driven by the quest for knowledge, but they also have very good ideas about how to benefit the good of the group. Even though Libras may have you rolling your eyes at the time, keep them around because they are some of the most genuine people out there and know what is best for you.


Most likely to be secretly Tik Tok famous: Scorpio

Scorpios like to keep many aspects of themselves mysterious. Scorpios come across as charming to many as they are passionate and focused. They are secretive, though, and may be hard to get to know. Just don’t be surprised when their video with a million likes pops up on your “For You” page and they don’t say a word about it.


Most Likely to Be the Person That Screws up the Curve on the Algebra Test With Their 102%: Sagittarius

Sagittariuses are very clever, sometimes cunning. Their ambitious nature makes them very smart, and they will do big things in life. This is just unfortunate for everyone else when it comes to that algebra test, and the Sagittariuses are the only ones that pass it.


Most Likely to Arrive to the Google Meets 10 Minutes Early: Capricorn

Capricorns are known for being very organized and there is nothing they hate more than being late or canceling plans. They are also great friends to have as they will keep you on track. By the time you arrive to class, they will have already learned about half the lesson as well as had a full conversation with the teacher about their weekend plans.


Most Likely to Say “I’m Sorry” All the Time, Even When They Did Nothing Wrong: Aquarius

Aquariuses are very considerate and friendly. Many people like them because they are so sweet, but they dwell on their past mistakes too often. Someone needs to give these Aquariuses some confidence because they can be very powerful people. Moral of the story: if you’re an Aquarius, stop apologizing and save the world, please.


Most Likely to Get a Full-on Cast for a Slight Bruise: Pisces

A Pisces is very attentive and protective. They are the people that somehow get a new big injury every other week, and you end up signing at least 10 different casts. This is not necessarily a bad thing, though, because they are very tuned in to everything they do and make for great lab partners.