Things to look forward to during a COVID Thanksgiving

Claire Roach, Staff Writer

Thanksgiving is probably going to be a bit different this year, but there are still many things to look forward to. Here are some fun ways to kick off the holiday season while staying safe!

  • Try new recipes. At some point during quarantine, you or someone in your family probably went through a baking phase, so it’s time to put those skills to use. Some suggestions are  trying a meatless protein substitute for turkey or a weird combo to spice up the usual spread of food.
  • Lots of leftovers. Assuming there is still plenty of food leftover from dinner, the next couple of days will be anything but boring as you and your siblings ration out the remainder of desserts.
  • Facetimes or video calls with family members. A fun way to spend time with relatives you miss is to bake or play a game over Facetime. There’s anything from virtual Escape Rooms to Quiplash, but play at your own risk because things may get intense.
  • Black Friday and Cyber Monday. A lot of stores are having deals for online shopping instead of in-person, so save up your money to splurge on some new scented hand sanitizer and other quarantine essentials. If you plan on braving the chaos and shopping at a store, make sure to check the open/close status of each store you plan to visit before shopping. Wear a mask and stay safe! 
  • Holiday music and decorating after Thanksgiving (with extra emphasis on the after). As a strong advocate for only listening to holiday music in December, this only made the list so you can prepare for then. Also, the album Everyday is Christmas by Sia is very underrated, so definitely give it a listen and add it to your holiday playlist.
  • Enjoy the last of fall colors. Usually most of the colorful leaves fall off of trees by late November, but in case the rain isn’t too rough, enjoy hikes and walks outside while you still can. Also, make the most of the daylight, because this is the last month where the sun doesn’t set before 4 p.m.
  • Catch up on a TV show or book. The five-day break from school will give you time to watch some binge-worthy shows or finally get around to reading that book you started during quarantine and only read the first paragraph before putting it on your shelf as a dust-collector.

Even though the holidays will be different this year, it is still a time to enjoy and spend time with family (even if that is over the phone). Have a festive and safe Thanksgiving!