England enters second national lockdown as cases continue to rise

Ethan Glick, Staff Writer

The United Kingdom entered its second national lockdown on Nov. 5. The lockdown ended on Dec. 2. On Nov. 23, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that rules for the current lockdown would expire early December and would be replaced by new limitations.

Unlike the first lockdown, Parliament had the opportunity to vote for or against the second lockdown. The final vote was 516-38 in favor of the second lockdown.

Under the terms of the lockdown, everyone is expected to stay home unless absolutely necessary. Exemptions include in-person education, work that cannot be completed from home, outdoor exercise, medical reasons, escaping risk or abuse, shopping for basic necessities, visiting members of a support bubble or providing care.

Unfortunately, a large number of UK citizens are trying to do everything they can to stay open or to escape the lockdown.

“Even though we’re in a super strict lockdown, it feels like everyone needs to stay open, everyone needs to be out and about, everyone needs to be classified as an essential business,” Elizabeth Stankard, an English citizen, said in an exclusive interview with The Wolf.

The spike in cases is mirrored across the world, especially in the U.S.