Two Portland activists start global movement to clean planet one Tuesday at a time

Claire Roach, Staff Writer

Picking up trash is a simple and effective way to practice environmental activism whenever and wherever you are. The global environmental movement Tuesdays for Trash (T4T) originated in Portland, Ore. in early May of 2020, started by TuHS graduate Sharona Shnayder and Wanda McNealy. There are people participating in over 10 countries. The idea is that once every week, participants can take a trash bag outside and clean up their community. The Wolf asked them to give us some background on their organization.


What is Tuesdays for Trash?

Shnayder: “T4T is a global environmental movement encouraging everyone around the world to dedicate at least one day a week for the planet and work towards a cleaner and healthier home for us all.”


What is your mission?

S: “Our mission is to instill a legacy of activism to the point where individuals are not only picking up trash once a week, but making an effort to care for the Earth every day and in every aspect of their lives. We hope that this movement inspires action across all borders and leads to tangible change on a global scale.”


What larger issue does this involve?

S: “It involves the large issue of the existential threat posed by the climate

 crisis and more specifically the waste management issue it encompasses. Our movement touches on every aspect of climate justice from intersectionality to humanitarian and social issues.” 


How can students at Tualatin and members of the community get involved?

S: “Everyone and anyone can get involved by simply noticing the trash around them and choosing to do something about it. That can look like picking up trash whenever you see it, raising awareness about the problem, or both. Even more so, we can all take the initiative to reduce our waste by choosing alternatives to single-use plastic and only purchasing necessities.” 


Picking up litter is an easy and efficient thing that everyone can do to help our planet; it creates a clean environment, helps people and wildlife and works toward a better future for the Earth. Don’t stress — if you can’t find time to participate on Tuesday, there are six more days of the week, every week, to join. You can learn more about Tuesdays for Trash on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and on their website.