Club volleyball begins amidst COVID-19

Stella Fetherston, Art Editor

The club season for volleyball usually begins in early December and ends in May; however, COVID-19 continues to push back any solid dates for the upcoming season. 

Without the open facilities, many clubs cannot practice or even host tryouts. This problem isn’t club specific; high school sports also have to adjust their training schedules under coronavirus restrictions. 

One Tualatin High School junior, Sara Cepeda, remarked, “The COVID restrictions are good and should be in place. It’s important that the spread of the virus is reduced. On the other hand, I want to go back and play.” 

She’s not alone in her thinking; many athletes are coming to terms with their seasons, or the lack thereof. For seniors, their last year playing at the high school level might end without a single game. It’s also harder to help train freshmen for the upcoming season. 

Cepeda explained, “If I hadn’t gone to open gyms in the summer, I might not have found the love of volleyball I have today.” 

As of now, the sports seasons haven’t been entirely canceled.

The current plan for volleyball is that the club season will be cut into two parts with a break in the spring. This break is reserved for any other sports these athletes might have, including high school volleyball. After the school seasons ends, club volleyball should resume in late May and continue through early June. For club, the first placement tournament has already been removed from the schedule in order to fit in a shortened season. 

Not all volleyball players are involved in both the club and school seasons. Some athletes might only play for the school, and the uncertainty of the future can be disheartening. Without a chance to safely practice amongst their teammates, their investment in the sport may drop. Despite this cloud of worry surrounding the spring, many are still hopeful for a chance to play while staying as safe as possible.