Bad Hair Day: TikTok debates middle versus side parts

Gwen Pane, Staff Writer

Graphic by Gwen Pane // Staff Writer

For those who are not on TikTok, there’s a new generational conflict trending. Nope, not climate change or economic debates—this divide is simultaneously more refreshing and underwhelming than the usual topics. 

Originating on the popular social media platform, a wave of responses have been received over the debate on whether side  or middle parts are the superior hairstyle. Gen Z has voiced their thoughts largely in favor of the middle part, with most falling under the belief that the side part is dead.

 “When it’s side-parted it feels a bit like… 2013?” said Phoebe Langwell, a 19-year-old TikToker from Portland. 

Considering this statement, I feel that it is important to note that 2013 was 8 years ago. That was under a decade ago and a TikToker just made my teenage-self feel 30 years old by talking about 2013 like it was 20 years ago. Anyway, moving on from that dreadful reminder that I’m going to continue aging, what is so much better about this middle part?

“More confident and outgoing,” is how Mona, another 19-year-old TikToker described those opting for a center part, continuing to describe those who wear a side part as more “intellectual and introverted.” 

In that case, I should be wearing a side part because clearly my middle part is giving the wrong impression by implying that I am extroverted.

On the other hand, millenials and Gen X have rushed to defend the side part.

“When I was growing up, it was a crime to have a center part,” explained TikTok user Marissa Viviann.

So, the question remains: Which is better?