“Moxie” delivers with realism, relatability

Ava Wittman, News Editor

In honor of Women’s History Month, it seemed only fitting to review Netflix’s new movie Moxie, which masterfully covers topics that are frequently shied away from, such as sexism and racism, in a wonderfully crafted and endearing story about a high school junior named Vivian. The movie, which is directed by the incredibly talented writer and comedian Amy Poehler, stars Hadley Robinson as Vivian and features fan favorites such as Josie Totah, Lauren Tsai and Alycia Pascual. 

The movie follows Vivan and her friends as they experience more and more harassment  throughout their teenage years, anything from being dress-coded, to being objectified, to sexual harrasment and sexual assault. Moxie addresses these things all while brilliantly showcasing the internal struggles and balancing act that is deciding if it is worth it to speak up, and exploring the question: how far is too far in the name of equality? 

I’d imagine that most women who watch this movie will find it extraordinarily relatable at some times, most of us probably having lived through many of the events featured. This also happens to make it the perfect movie to watch on a girls’ night or for males who may want a more indepth look at what seemingly harmless things may have an affect on all of us. 

I will admit, the end of the movie (no spoilers, I promise) was not without fault for me, as I liked the general sentiment, but I felt as if a few things were still left unexplained, unresolved or had a resolution that did not seem reasonable. 

All in all, Moxie is definitely worth the time and the watch, and it’s doing its part in creating a narrative that we all can relate to and learn from.