Overheard in the chat: TuHS Edition

The chats included in this article are authentic and hand-picked by The Wolf staff.

Science Teacher 11:05 AM
Don’t laugh at me 
I muted myself, and now I can’t unmute

Student 11:05 AM
you gotta go to your other screen it’s on and unmute yourself from there

Science Teacher 11:06 AM
I know
Smart ass
(I meant smart ass in the most nicest way possible)


Math Teacher 2:00 PM
*in the middle of a lecture*

Student 1 2:01 PM
Hey *Student 2*

Student 2 2:01 PM
Hey *Student 1*

Student 1 2:02 PM
Have you done the Gov homework yet?

Student 2 2:02 PM
Workin on it right now

Student 10:26 AM
Jake told me to tell you his mic isn’t working

Teacher 10:26 AM
Okay, thanks for letting me know! : )

Student 10:27 AM
Also, his chromebook isn’t working so he can’t complete the rest of the assignments for the semester

*Learning about history*

Student 10:52 AM
Who even is Ronald Reagan anyways?

Student 12:29 AM

the new parking lot is smoother than a marble floor in a millionaire’s mansion

Student 11:49 AM
my siblings and i were convinced my dad was the asian guy in the wiggles

Teacher 12:20 PM
Okay the question of the day: What event have you always wanted to attend?

Senior 12:21 PM

Freshman 12:21 PM
High school

Student 11:49 AM

ayo where my cohort Bs at

Student 1:38 PM

I am biased against those who choose to eat Jimmy John’s because of the owner’s dubious past with ivory poaching

Person 1 2:53 PM
beautiful town
good sausages

Person 2 2:53 PM
good town beautiful sausages

Person 1 2:53 PM
yummmm sausages
got any sausage lovers in the chat? any sausage lovers?

Person 2 2:53 PM
ayo put sausage in the chat

Person 1 2:54 PM
drop SAUSAGE in the chat if you’re a true sausage fan

Student 10:50 AM
*doesn’t talk all class*

Teacher 10:51 AM
Well that’s all for today, make sure to complete the assignment by tonight.

Student 10:51 AM
*unmutes mic to say thank you*

Teacher 10:51 AM
Oh so your mic works?