Music to help you through another quarter of pandemic learning

Isabella Kneeshaw, Staff Writer

Whether you’d prefer a list of songs to sob to while sitting in your room by yourself after you’ve logged off your last online class of the day, or if you are looking for music to scream to while driving through town with your windows down, this is the perfect playlist for you! 

“Levitating (feat. DaBaby)”  – Dua Lipa 
English singer Dua Lipa gifted us with this automatic mood-booster of a song on her second studio album, Future Nostalgia (2020). The song is meant to depict the feeling of falling in love. Using outer space references and electric-disco music, “Levitating,” is bound to make you feel like you really are. American rapper DaBaby takes the song to the next level singing, “Let’s go, left foot, right foot, levitatin’ (c’mon) Pop stars (go) Dua Lipa with DaBaby,” a lyric that thousands on social media came to agree is “undeniably the best.”

“Vienna” – Billy Joel
If you want to feel nostalgia, Billy Joel’s 5th single on his 1977 studio album, Stranger, will without a doubt make you feel some type of way. Joel considers this track one of his favorites, and it’s a song aspiring lyricists are instantly drawn to. “Vienna” was actually said to be based on a trip Joel took to visit his estranged father in Vienna, and it depicts the metaphorical idea of finding acceptance in growing older. 

“Mr. Perfectly Fine (Taylor’s Version) (From The Vault)” – Taylor Swift 
Swift surprised her fans with six never released songs that she had written 12 years ago with her album Fearless. She released “Mr. Perfectly Fine” two days before the scheduled release of her re-recorded album Fearless (Taylor’s Version). The song was initially written by Swift in 2008 following her breakup with Joe Jonas and fans quickly theorized the song was a reference to their relationship, causing a resurface of lighthearted, playful drama about her past heartbreak. The song has fans wishing she’d released the track back in 2008 as it resonates with so many, and reflects her Fearless era beautifully. 

“Ribs” – Lorde 
Featured on her debut studio album Pure Heroine (2013), New Zealand singer-songwriter Lorde wrote this song drawing inspiration from the stressful feelings she’s had regarding growing up. The electropop song was praised for its vulnerability and quickly grew in popularity, hitting the billboard charts in the UK and Australia. The song geniously portrays the idea of wishing you were still a kid as Lorde sings the relatable lyric, “It feels so scary getting old.”

 “deja vu” – Olivia Rodrigo 
Rodrigo’s music first attracted popularity in January of this year after the release of her hit debut single, “driver’s license.” In late May, the 18 year old proved she was more than just a one-hit-wonder with the release of  “deja vu,” a song that depicts the post break up feelings of watching your ex do the same things with their new lover as they used to do with you. The catchy lyrics and more upbeat sound showcase Rodrigo’s talent and versatility. The song was released in anticipation of her upcoming album Sour, scheduled to debut May 21. 

“Freakin’ Out On The Interstate” – Briston Maroney 
Maroney initially released this heart-wrenching indie/alternative song on his second album Carnival (2018) but in 2020 released an acoustic version. The song is currently his most listened to, with over 56 million streams on Spotify, indicating the deep way that many identify with the lyrics. The memorable beat will find you truly, “Freakin’ Out On The Interstate” after taking time to listen to the truthfulness of the lyrics.