New books arrive in time for fall reading season

Maya Brisan, Staff Writer

Whether you are an avid reader or you only pick up books because English class makes you (or you just don’t read books at all), you can’t deny that books with fall vibes are elite. Here are a few books you should read that put you in the frame of mind to enjoy the pumpkin autumn season.

Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas: Cemetery Boys is a fantastic novel that celebrates transgender, Latinx and queer joy. The main character, Yadriel, is determined to prove to his family that he is a real brujo (Spanish word for witch) by attempting to find the ghost that killed his cousin. Yadriel finds himself stuck with Julian, a dead teenager who doesn’t want to leave the world. This book is infused with magic and the supernatural, while also displaying real life problems. Thomas is also a local author who lives in Portland, so make sure to support them and other Portland creators.

How We Fall Apart by Zatie Zhao: This dark academia YA mystery novel was just released in August, and everyone seems to be loving it . The main characters are shocked to find their ex-best friend, the top-ranked junior of their prep school, dead. Every one of the main characters is a suspect in the murder, and they must work together to find the actual perpetrator; trouble ensues as secrets are kept and revealed. This book has a diverse cast and a thrilling murder mystery. With tropes such as rich prep boarding school, dead ex-best friends and academic hierarchies, this book has it all.

These Witches Don’t Burn by Isabel Sterling: This supernatural young adult novel is truly a masterpiece. Hannah, an Elemental witch, is just trying to avoid her ex-girlfriend. When something goes wrong at the last bonfire of the school year, Hannah suspects the work of a Blood Witch. Soon, Hannah meets a cute new ballerina, and has to juggle dating and trying to find the infamous Blood Witch. The witchy vibes totally fit the fall/autumn mood, and the magic in the book is written incredibly well. This book, filled with blood magic, a sapphic romance, friendship and mystery, will keep you on your toes and wanting more. If you enjoy the book, there’s a sequel called This Coven Won’t Break.