Students weigh pros, cons of in-person school

Lily Bennett, Asst. Entertainment Editor

Selfie of Heidi Gorka.

For most of us at TuHS, returning to in-person school this year has felt long-awaited. However, back in the building, many students and teachers are being greeted by anxieties that have been waiting upon their arrival or new challenges that come with this year’s unusual circumstances.

A Tualatin High School teacher and student reflected on the ups and downs thus far. 

Regaining face-to-face interactions seems to be one of the best parts of in-person school this year, according to Heidi Gorka, a TuHS science teacher. 

“I truly love the face-to-face interactions with students and getting to see and hear them working with one another. My classes are built around hands-on learning, which I found difficult to duplicate in the online classroom,” Gorka said.

Others may find that it’s easier to build relationships with teachers in person and can subsequently feel more comfortable reaching out to them for help.

On the flipside, many of us have had moments this school year when we really wished we hadn’t taken our comfy couch at home for granted as we plopped into our cold, hard school chair for the next 90 minutes. Tualatin High School junior Madison Dowd can attest.

 “I miss being able to relax at home from the comforts of my room while I did my classes,” Dowd said.

Although we are grateful to finally have the privilege of sharing a physical classroom with our peers and teachers, when the lesson has been taught and the work completed, students as well as teachers are ready to move on with their day.

“I enjoyed not having bells to tell me when to start and end class. If we had finished our lesson for the day, it was okay to sign out a little early,” Gorka said. 

Despite the tradeoffs that come with in-person school this year, taking our anxieties one step at a time is key. And remember, when you’re assigned your first real exam in the last year and a half, try to calm your brain by telling it that it’s okay to be alarmed. Then dig up all of your math notes from online school for a serious review session.