Tualatin’s garden corner curves reopen… temporarily

Naiya Gates, Humor Editor

The Tualatin community has been through a lot over the last few months and acknowledgement is long overdue. We have been affected by the heartbreaking closure of the Garden Corner Curves, and it’s time we talk about it. 

The road has been a frequent transportation route for us all while attending Tualatin High School, and when it got abruptly shut down for construction, it was devastating to say the least. Even worse, all the neighborhood shortcuts got blocked off, as well. This forced us to resort to the main road detours, many of which are drastically out of the way. I think we all share that same experience of having to anticipate 10 minutes added onto our ETA when driving somewhere simply because of these road closures. As broke students, that extra gas money definitely adds up. 

The light at the end of the tunnel appeared during the last week in October, when it finally reopened. Unfortunately, many are confused because the new concrete is smooth and shiny, yet the roads are arguably even more narrow than before. Some rumors have been spread that they kept the roads narrow to restrict speeding, and while this may be effective, it takes a toll on the carpool moms who need to fit their minivans through those curves. 

Further negative news lies in the fact that the City of Tualatin has announced there will be another closure starting in January. They call this “Phase Two” of the construction plan. It is important to hold on to our optimism as we anticipate this oncoming time of crisis. We must remain excited for the grand – and hopefully final – reveal of the transformation of our favorite curves.