Tualatin sports teams ignite enthusiasm with holiday traditions

Isabella Kneeshaw, Photo/Co-Feature Editor

If you’ve ever participated in a winter sport, then you likely understand the agony that comes with dark, cold and rainy workouts or practices. These occasionally treacherous or unmotivating circumstances make implementing team bonding and cheer essential. 

The weather tends to put a damper on cross country quite frequently during Oregon’s rainy season, which is why their traditional Holiday Lights Run makes a wet and cold run much more enjoyable. 

“Every year for Winter Wolves, the cross country team does this fun tradition that we call the Holiday Lights Run, where we go on a run around Tualatin after sunset in order to look at all the holiday lights that are up,” junior Timmy Parsons explained. “It’s a super fun tradition that we do as a team in order to boost holiday spirit while also going out for a run and staying in shape and exercising.”

This activity has been around for years at Tualatin and is a great and simple way that the cross country team has used to cultivate a stronger community while making fun memories together. Winter Wolves is one of the few winter sports that doesn’t require tryouts and is welcoming to all; it’s especially great if you’re looking to stay in shape for other sports.

“The run is pretty casual and it’s meant to be super fun, so I would highly encourage everyone to come out and join us some time,” Parsons added. 

Another sport that has also decided to enact some holiday fun is the girls’ basketball team. Junior Tabi Searle told The Wolf a little bit about the holiday tradition that the team has been participating in for several years.

“During the holiday season, my team does a secret sister and we all draw a name and, whoever we draw, we get that person a gift without them knowing. Then, on the closest game to Christmas, we give the gifts to the person,” Searle described.

This bonding activity is perfect to get to know your teammates’ various likes and interests through gift giving and is a great way to spread some holiday cheer and lift spirits in the midst of the sports season. 

“The best part about secret sister is that we get to really bond as a team and get to share gifts with one another. Also, the best part about it is when you get your gift and get to find out who it was,” Searle expressed. 

Spreading some festive spirit and positivity through holiday traditions is a great opportunity to take your mind off the stress of the sports season and grow a stronger connection with your teammates.