Woman takes Black Friday to whole new level

Taryn Coulson, Co-Sports Editor

The following experience is told by a Black Friday shopper who has changed her name for anonymity, as shopping is serious business. The woman interviewed claimed that she used to camp outside Best Buy every year to get the best deal on a new Sony TV, but this past year, she came up with something very original.

“Every Thanksgiving since I was 10, my dad and I would pitch a tent on the sidewalk next to our local Best Buy and spend the night there. It was only until last year when I came up with a new idea,” she said. “You know those YouTube videos where people would hide in a department store and spend the night? Well, yeah, that’s basically what I did. 

“I packed a small bag with a blanket and some food for the next two days. Then I went in the store the day before Thanksgiving to make sure I could get in. When they turned off the music and started closing the store, I knew I had to find a place to hide. Best Buy’s bathroom was the perfect hiding spot! Okay, I will admit that the floor wasn’t too comfortable at night, but it was worth it in the end. During the night when everyone had left for the day, I watched movies, ate the snacks they had in the checkout line and tried out the new iPhone. 

“On Friday morning, I was up and ready to get my new TV. When people started coming into the store, I was already ready to secure what I’d come there for. I walked out of the bathroom, grabbed the TV and ran to the checkout line. The cashier asked me how long I’d been waiting outside. I was worried that they would find out about what happened, but apparently my stakeout was a success. I left the store with a TV in hand,and now my prized possession is displayed in my living room.”

Disclaimer: The Wolf staff does not condone such behavior. Please act with integrity!