Remembering Betty White after 99 years of comedy

Victoria Gillard, Staff Writer

Betty White, the world-renowned actress and comedian, passed away in her sleep on Dec. 31, 2021. While White lived a long and accomplished 99 years, the world was not yet ready to say goodbye. White not only left behind a legacy of sensational television entertainment; she made an impact on our hearts and lives, leaving us devastated by her passing. 

In White’s 99 years of life, she achieved many goals that will forever carry on her legacy. White earned a Guiness World Record in both 2014 and 2018 for the “Longest TV career by an entertainer.” Her television presence spanned over the course of 80 years, starting in 1939 when she was just 17. Due to her early presence on TV, White is commonly referred to as the “First Lady of Television.” 

White was also a panel for many game shows and was the first woman to receive the Daytime Emmy Award for “Outstanding Gameshow Host” for the game show Just Men. White also hosted Saturday Night Live in 2010 after a Facebook campaign took place, requesting that she be selected to host. 

White was most famously known as “Rose Nylund” from The Golden Girls, but she also starred in other sitcoms including The Mary Tyler Moore Show as well as Hot in Cleveland. Along with her larger-known accomplishments, White also appeared in Boston Legal, The Bold and the Beautiful and The Carol Burnett Show. Aside from television shows and sitcoms, White also acted in various rom-coms such as The Proposal in 2009, which grew her popularity and television presence even more, reaching people of all ages. She also starred in the 2011 Hallmark Hall of Fame movie The Lost Valentine, advancing her acting career beyond the world of comedy. 

White won many awards for her exceptional acting and even has a star with her name on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. She was the only woman to receive an Emmy in all comedian performance categories. 

Aside from White’s immense number of accomplishments, we all know her for being sweet and wholesome, on and off screen. Her humor and charm will continue to entertain us. Her drive is what will be remembered and will inspire people all over the world to do what they love and stay true to themselves in the process. May we always remember the legacy our favorite actress left behind. 

Oh, to our beloved and never-forgotten golden girl, thank you for being a friend.