ASB—Associated Student Body or Associated Student Band?

Mahathi Sridhar, Co-Copy Editor

Wolves, we all know and love our ASB. They’ve carried us through the good times (think back to those pre-COVID reindeer games assemblies…swoon), and the bad (mid-COVID Winter Pep Assembly Vlog with a few too many questionable sound effects). Although it is a Christmas album, Doo Wops and Holidays did not disappoint and does deserve a press feature despite being out of season! Keep reading for The Wolf’s take on this Tualatin High holiday classic. 


“12 Days of Christmas (Remastered)”: This TuHS twist on a holiday classic really sets up the album for success! Although the timing of the lyrics doesn’t quite match the music and the singing tends to be a little off pitch, this is definitely worth the listen! I mean, who wouldn’t want Dellerba to give them a mascot named Wolfie?!


“All I Want For Christmas Is You”: The Holiday Bunch’s take on this Mariah Carey classic sure doesn’t miss. Lead singer and ASB Assembly team member Aaron Lakeman shows off his pipes in this pitchy but thoroughly enjoyable rendition of “All I Want For Christmas Is You.”


“The Christmas Song”: The Holiday Bunch does it again. The talented musicians of ASB truly made me feel like I was being sung to by bootleg Justin Bieber! Also, The Wolf’s very own Simon Phipps’s masterful producing skills shine though, transporting listeners a month back in time. A truly delightful listen this was!


“Santa Baby”: ASB’s take on this often-controversial Christmastime jam did not disappoint. It was quite refreshing to hear this song from a new perspective! ASB members David Jones and Aaron Lakeman serenade Holiday Bunch fans with their version. It sure was fun to hear what ‘awful good girls” Aaron and David were leading up to the holidays!


“Holly Jolly Christmas”: In my opinion, “Holly Jolly Christmas,” is the best display of The Holiday Bunch’s musical talents. Aaron and David definitely don’t leave listeners disappointed with this track! I truly believe this song deserves to be a year-long bop instead of just being confined to the holidays. As a once-avid believer in no Christmas music before Thanksgiving, I’m proud to say Doo Wops and Holidays has left me a changed woman.


“Christmas Wishes”: As the only original song featured on the album, “Christmas Wishes” caps off a stellar debut album for The Holiday Bunch. Simon Phipps’s production talents return to add a modern flair to an otherwise classically-inspired tune. Notable mention: David Jones’s vocal runs on this track!  

Do yourself a favor and give Doo Wops and Holidays a listen. This definitely earned its place as an album to be listened to year round.