Valentine’s Day: A break for the singles

Victoria Gillard, Staff Writer

For all of those out there with a significant other, the dreaded upcoming Hallmark holiday is poised to drain your wallet and your creativity when attempting to come up with the perfect romantic gesture. But for those that are single, oh what a time to be alive! 

All of the picture-perfect couples have a pretty stressful day ahead, searching to find the ultimate gift and scrambling to book dinner reservations at the trendiest, most brag-worthy restaurant that is sure to make their Instagram followers jelly. Not to mention navigating the picked over Valentine card aisles at Fred Meyer, hoping to find the perfect card that will surely gain you brownie points. This becomes nearly impossible as time runs out and the Valentine shelves begin to resemble the toilet paper aisles in 2020 when COVID first hit. Don’t even get me started with the whole, “Are stuffed animals cute or way too cheesy?” debate. Luckily, the single pringles out there are completely off the hook, with a free day spent however one’s heart desires! 

For those of you whose calendars are unmarked on Feb. 14, here are some things you can do to enhance your free day. 

  • Watch romantic movies (specifically rom-coms)

Movies are a great way to occupy yourself and rom-coms never disappoint. These heart-warming movies are perfect for this occasion, as they are funny, lighthearted and most often end on a positive note. Some great options include How to Lose a Guy in Ten DaysLegally Blonde and He’s All That, my personal favorite. These movies are cute but not too lovey-dovey and will not leave you sobbing your eyes out…or at least they shouldn’t. 

  • Binge watch your comfort show 

Whether it’s Gilmore Girls, The Hype House, Criminal Minds or a completely different show, watch whatever makes you feel happy and comforted. 

  • Indulge in your guilty pleasures

Being alone on Valentine’s Day calls for a quick jaunt to your local grocery store to pick up your favorite snacks and novelties. Good eats only. Obviously. 

  • Go on a date with yourself 

Contrary to what some people might say, there is absolutely no shame in going to dinner by yourself. It is important to treat yourself and love yourself the way you would treat a significant other. Plus, good food never hurts anybody. 

  • Self Care 

Another way to spend your V-Day productively is to do some self care. You could catch up on sleep, do a facemask or an in-depth skincare routine, write in your journal, read or however you prefer to relax and decompress. 


Sure, it’s always nice to receive a heart-shaped box of chocolates from a secret admirer, but there’s absolutely nothing sweeter than dodging the bullet of the Valentine’s Day mayhem that couples are forced to endure every year on Feb. 14.