New prayer room by MAS hopes to spread inclusivity

Photo courtesy of Awatif Al-hawani

Photo courtesy of Awatif Al-hawani

Lily Bennett, Co-Entertainment Editor

A new addition has been made at TuHS: the prayer room. With the goal of providing a safe place for Muslim students and staff to carry out their spiritual needs, the prayer room hopes to spread inclusivity and cultural awareness. 

President and co-founder of the Muslim and Arab Society (MAS) at TuHS, junior Awatif Al-hawani, shared her vision for the new prayer room as to what she hopes to be achieve through it. 

“The prayer room not only provides a sacred little space for Muslim students and staff to use and fulfill their spiritual needs, but also serves as a symbol to us as Muslims that we have a place here and that we belong – something that most schools don’t have,” Al-hawani said.

She noted that Muslims complete five prayers per day that are each assigned at specific times. Al-hawani hopes that the prayer room will allow students to not have to compromise their spiritual duties.

The prayer room intends to encourage those who are practicing Muslims to connect with their identity by creating a safe place to do so. Indirectly, it may impact other students by creating more awareness for their peers.

“Other students will also be exposed to a different minority group practice, and that will  create a more diverse atmosphere at Tualatin High School,” Al-hawani said.

While the prayer room is in its early stages, Al-hawani shared that MAS plans to decorate the interior of the room further. But for now, the new prayer room located in the corner of the school library has a door labeled “prayer room” in both English and Arabic. Inside is a box of prayer rugs and tasbih beads.