Dark Souls franchise scores big with Elden Ring

Andrew Epp, Co-Bilingual Editor

“RPG’s in its final form.” 

Those are the words Nick Kleinke, a Tualatin senior, used to describe the latest top game, Elden Ring, and he’s not alone. Elden Ring has been at the front of gamers’ minds these days, with features from reputable gaming sources like Verge, PC Gamer and even hitting top 10 on Steam’s Best Seller list for three consecutive weeks. This comes as no surprise, as the game has now surpassed 12 million copies sold worldwide on all platforms, making $500 million in just 17 days.

So what makes it so popular, and why have people been flocking to play Elden Ring? To answer this question we asked Kleinke, a newcomer to From Software’s expensive RPG franchise, to talk to us about his experience with the game. 


So what’s so great about Elden Ring, and how would you rate it?

“The game is a solid 10 out of 10, and if I could go higher I would. The game lets you experience firsthand the awesomeness that is Elden Ring. From the 14 starting classes that you have the ability to choose from when you start a new game to the 109 bosses that you can fight, [Elden Ring] has a ton for you to do.”


When a new video game comes out, there is usually some fallout when it comes to content and replayability. Do you think that Elden Ring has this problem?

“No, there is so much to do in the game. From the 42+ endings that the game has, to the abundance of bosses and loot and even the possibility for customization, it makes you want to come back to Elden Ring and see what else there is. There is no lack of content, and as someone with 16 hours of play under my belt, I can safely say that I’m just at the beginning.”


Compared to other Dark Souls gameplay, Elden Ring is supposed to have some of the hardest bosses and mechanics in FromSoftware’s games. What do you think about that?

“Honestly, it’s the difficulty that makes the game that much more enjoyable. The fact that you learn as you progress makes the gameplay experience a whole lot better. Every single time you go back and fight a boss, you’re able to find new ways of beating it each playthrough. The fact that you’re able to go back and fight the same boss with variation in each playthrough shows the amount of care and attention that the developers put into the game to make it more enjoyable for those who are both new to the franchise or longtime fans. There’s something for everyone to enjoy about Elden Ring.

For longtime fans of the franchise to new players jumping in for the first time, Elden Ring continues to amaze fans with its diverse and unique gameplay and progression. However, whether it is this the king of RPGs remains to be seen. However, It certainly seems that way, with an expansive campaign, immersive world and innovative gameplay. Elden Ring is the game that many gamers have been waiting for, and a breath of fresh air from current half-baked game releases. With sales and player counts increasing daily, it seems that Elden Ring isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.