TuHS tennis teams embark on spring season

Naiya Gates, Co-Humor Editor

You know tennis season is in full effect once the cherry blossoms start blooming and the birds vocalize the start of spring. Both the TuHS men’s and women’s tennis teams have been anticipating the season and are eager to challenge the league and themselves. Athletes Charlie Peterson and Marc Khanna are on the TuHS varsity teams and had a lot to report in a recent interview with The Wolf.

Peterson, a senior, normally plays second doubles for the girls’ varsity tennis team with her partner, senior Allie Karseboom, and they have made major contributions to Tualatin’s success so far. Peterson explained the team’s current status in the league.

“The team is 2-2 so far in the season, ranking us around in the middle of the league overall.” 

Peterson also talked about everything she loved about the team. 

“My favorite part of the season is the away matches because the team bonds a lot by cheering each other on after our personal matches have ended.” 

Peterson went on to discuss how eager she is to watch the new additions to the team develop as they work their way up the varsity ladder. 

“I’m really excited to see how the newer players do during matches.”

 It is obvious how much the team atmosphere has impacted the experience with the sport. 

Khanna, a freshman, typically plays fourth singles for the boys’ varsity tennis team. He acknowledged that the team has room to improve this season. 

“I believe Tualatin is 1-5 right now, so so far not the best,” he said. “Regardless of the score, we still have fun and give it our all.” 

Although he is only a freshman, Khanna is clearly an experienced player and has dealt with the ups and downs of tennis with the help of his teammates. 

“The cheering of my teammates really affects my experience when playing a match. I gain more confidence and usually hit better and win more points. Without them, I feel like there is no one there to support me, so I would be down and feel sad.” 

He says his personal confidence is flourishing as he competes against the best in various singles matches. 

“My favorite part about tennis is the serve. You don’t need a partner to practice, so it’s good when you’re alone, but also because it’s the starting shot of a point,” he said. 

Khanna awaits the district competition on the horizon and explained that he intends to put his best foot forward until then. 

“The most exciting thing about tennis is the matches, and I am especially excited about districts. I want to see how good I am compared to the other players from different schools. Matches are very fun whether we win or lose.” 

The district matches for these athletes will roll around early May. The athletes demonstrate dedication out on the courts, and spectators say it is inspiring to witness. Their fans are confident that their perseverance will carry them far in the season and throughout their school year.