Underrated prom venues make it easy to dance the night away


Graphic by Isabella Kneeshaw

Amanda Fronczak, Co-Humor Editor

A location can make or break an event. There has to be a delicate balance of ambiance and aesthetic in order to create the perfect setting, especially for prom. Although this year’s prom venue has already been chosen, these ideas must not go to waste. Here are ideal prom locations for all the years to come. 


Now this is a good prom venue. I mean, big open space (after the merchandise is moved around a tad) and plenty of parking and catering options. Talk about the whole package! One minute you’re leaving it all on the dance floor, the next grabbing a churro, and after that you’re taking one too many free samples: my kind of night. 

The beach 

The beach would make for one heck of a prom venue. Ignore the sand getting everywhere, the wind, and the hour and a half drive, and now you have the perfect night. Will it be cold? Yes! Will it be memorable? Yes, but probably for the treacherous weather, extreme inconvenience of the affair, and possible tsunami warnings. That’ll be a great story to tell your kids one day!

The Portland Airport 

Get through TSA, and then you’ll be dancing the night away. There are five different terminals to choose from and plenty of photo opportunities. I mean, hello, the PDX carpet? Truly a hidden gem for prom venues. The airport’s only flaw is the pricey food options. We will collectively go into debt trying to buy a soda or candy bar, but it’ll all be worth it. 

The Moda Center 

Out of all the ideal prom venues, this one is probably the most realistic and feasible.  Renting out the Moda Center would be by far the cheapest option, as well as the closest to the high school, practically right around the corner. The only concern would be the capacity. Let’s just hope there’s enough room for everyone and we’re golden.