Seniors celebrate as school year wraps up

Karys Gates, Staff Writer

The Class of 2022 has finally reached the day they never thought would come – the bittersweet moment when all the seniors say their farewells to their favorite teachers and closest friends. But before the goodbyes, the summer is filled with celebrations, grad parties and senior trips. Whether it’s a party in your backyard, a trip to the beach, a weekend getaway with your friends or a trip to another country, there are so many fun activities, places to go and things to do to reward yourself. Here are a few of the festivities planned by this year’s seniors 


Janani Romero: “I am having a small grad party with my family and close friends, and my parents are rewarding me with a month trip to Mexico to visit my family!”


Ryann Schlachter: “A few friends and I wanted to go on a trip after graduation as kind of a last hurrah of high school. But because we’re all trying to save for college next year, we decided to stay close and drive up to Seattle and stay a few days on Bainbridge Island. Summer’s going to be super busy with part-time jobs and preparing for college, so this trip will be perfect to spend some quality time with my girlfriends!”


Michael Miller: “I’m having a graduation party the day after graduation, and then I’m going to San Francisco for a couple days the following week.”


These seniors have all worked so hard and accomplished so much throughout their high school careers. We wish them nothing but the best as they begin new chapters of their lives!