High school lived up to the hype, but school didn’t

Akash Balakumar, Staff Writer

After four years, it’s finally the day you’ve been waiting for. No more waking up at 6 a.m. to finish homework, listening to monotonous lectures and sprinting to your car after school. On top of that, you can forget everything you’ve learned; no more finding the area of a triangle and knowing that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. Well, if you’re going to college you might want to remember it for a few more years.

Remember how you thought high school would be a pain: more homework,  more stress, more difficult, more boring, more miserable, more tests, more everything. Well, if you haven’t realized by now, you weren’t wrong. All you needed to do when you had a lack of motivation was calculate the lowest possible grade you need to keep an A. And once you’ve put yourself through all that trouble of catching up on late work and teaching yourself your classes, you’ll have some sports to look forward to. The basketball and football games might sound overhyped if you haven’t experienced one for yourself, but you will realize what an exhilarating experience it is. However, once you get home you will need to start all your big projects that teachers seem to assign all at once. Oh, and also it might be a good idea to start studying for all your finals that you have next week, even though you don’t have time and won’t be able to relearn everything.

After you get over finals week, your stress will just disappear, and at some point you are destined to feel like you’re forgetting about all your schoolwork. Just enjoy this moment before the cycle repeats and you have to go through all of these hurdles again.