New School Year, New Policies


Graphic by Isabella Kneeshaw.

Anthony Yac, Staff Writer

Coming into this school year, I bet you were expecting a laid back phone policy like last year, and you probably anticipated asking your teachers, “Can I use the bathroom,” while actually doing everything else except using the bathroom. But suddenly, they dropped a bomb on us this school year and are getting more strict. So we at The Wolf decided to rate the old and new school policies. 


 10-and-10 policy

We’ve all tried to ask our teachers to use the bathroom and been hit with the “I’m sorry. It’s the last/first 1o minutes of class. You should have used the bathroom during passing period.” I’m sorry, but the fear of someone trying to open the stall door while recording is greater than my business in the bathroom. I once walked in a bathroom while people were throwing stuff over a stall, and I can only hope the kid in the stall survived.  Rating: 1/5 


 Bathroom passes

When you think of bathroom passes, you think of that person who takes 20 minutes to “use the bathroom.” You either are that person or not. When there are only two passes that your teacher has, and they are taken by the people who take forever, just know whatever your reason for going out, it’s never going to happen now. Rating: 1/5  


 No use of phones in class 

Scenario A: *scrolling through TikTok and checking Snapchat* 


Scenario B: Mom: You need to come. It’s an emergency!

Student: *doesn’t respond* 

Mom: Why won’t you answer?

Student: *learning the powerhouse of the cell* 

Rating: 2/5


 No headphones in class

Although this ties in with the no-phone policy, I believe that headphones deserve their  own section. The thought of not being able to enter class without listening to Kanye West screaming in my ears “On Sight!” pains me. You will now actually have to listen to people talk and interact with them. Elon Musk must hurry and create a microchip implant that can play music in your ears. Rating: -3/5


If you ever find yourself in a situation where you are cursing these school policies, I’m certain there are many people that are with you. But remember that if you are bored in class, Coolmathgames will always be with you.