Last-minute Halloween costumes for procrastinators 


Graphic by Marcus Ludes.

Emma Regimbald, Staff Writer

With Halloween creeping closer by the day, procrastinators everywhere are beginning to feel the pressure. Time is running out to choose a Halloween costume, and most of the stores seem to be picked over. With these two facts in mind, people begin to give up. But all hope is not lost. Below are some great last-minute ideas for those who haven’t had time to select a costume. 

  1. Crayon: If you are really pressed for time, why not choose something as simple as a crayon? All you need is a color-coordinated outfit and a throwaway T-shirt. Grab a sharpie, find a photo for inspiration and in bold black letters spell out “Crayola” on the front of the shirt. Feel free to have fun with it! Add some crazy accessories, maybe a makeup look, and you’re good to go. This strategy tends to work for any small monochromatic object. 

  2. Zombie: One of the best Halloween costumes of all time has to be the classic zombie. It is an exceptional last-minute costume because mistakes only add to the final product. All you need is an old outfit, scissors and paint. Grab an unwanted shirt, and use the scissors to cut several small holes. Splatter red paint on it, add some brown splotches and try it on. Paired with makeup, you are bound to make an excellent zombie. 

  3. Friend: This next option is the least costly on the list. Have you ever thought of dressing up as a friend for Halloween? Simply contact a close friend and ask if you can do an outfit swap. It’s an excuse to try something new. The best part about this idea is waiting to see how long it takes others to notice. 

  4. Jake from State Farm: Do you have a pair of khaki pants lying around? How about a red shirt? Slap on a nametag and you can be everyone’s favorite insurance agency employee. Bonus points if the shirt has a collar, or if you have a customer service headset. 

  5. Movie Theater Floor: If you consider yourself a crafty individual, gather some popcorn, old candy wrappers and any random trash you can find in your vicinity. Take an old shirt, and using a hot glue gun, attach the prior listed objects. You will catch many eyes when Oct. 31 rolls around. 

  6. Men In Black: If you are someone who owns a suit, then I have the costume for you. There are only two components. The aforementioned suit and a pair of dark sunglasses. If you have any accessories that might fit nicely with the costume, feel free to add those as well. An alien plushie, perhaps? 

If none of the costumes on this list seem like something you would enjoy, then I encourage you to come up with your own concept. Halloween is a time to be creative and express yourself, and with just a few days left to wait, the time is now!