Students can register early to vote


Graphic by Isabella Kneeshaw.

Kayla Vo, Staff Writer

The deadline for registering to vote in this year’s midterm election has recently passed. The United States elections are being held on Tuesday, Nov. 8. If you’re wondering why this should matter to you, David Jones, Tualatin president of the Tigard-Tualatin Student Union (TTSU) is here to say why it is important to register early if you can’t yet vote.

“When you’re 18, you have so much stuff going on that it’s really hard to focus on everything at once. Voting is such a quick thing that it’s really only on your mind the week of,” Jones said. “It’s really easy to get done, so you can spend your time researching who to vote for. For the political side of things, it’s just really important for young people to get involved and vote in general. You get to use your vote because you have a say as well.” .

The Tigard president of TTSU, Aishiki Nag, added to Jones’s statement about the importance of early registration.

“It’s a limited opportunity and many states don’t have it as an option,” he said. “Oregon has some of the easiest voting laws, like when you get your driver’s license, they will ask if you want to register right there and then.”

To everyone eligible and ineligible for the next election, Nag gave a tutorial on how to begin the process of early registering.

“There’s two ways most people do it: one way is the easiest by far. If you have a Chromebook, you go to the secretary of state’s website and you search up registration. They will ask you a few questions, you put in your information and all you need is your permission to do it. If you don’t have your driver’s permit, you’ll need your social security number available,”Nag explained.

For those who don’t have access to a device or if that first option isn’t doable, there is another solution available.

“Go to your county’s election office and pick up a physical ballot to fill out. Basically, you answer the questions and return the papers to the office. It’s more inconvenient for teenagers, but it’s always an option,” Nag said. 

Although registering is no longer possible for the midterms, keep an eye out for when you’re 16+ and elections roll by.