Oregon House of Representatives candidate Ben Bowman reflects on political career thus far


Photo courtesy of Andie Petkus Photography.

Olivia Trone, Copy Editor/Bilingual Editor

In the world of rough national politics and controversy, it is a blessing to get to know local politicians and lawmakers who are investing in our community. Ben Bowman has been Chair of the Tigard-Tualatin School District (TTSD) Board since 2019 and is now a District 25 House of Representatives candidate. As a TTSD alumni, Bowman has made a name for himself as someone who works hard to ensure quality education for all students within the district. 

In an interview with The Wolf, Bowman explained how he became interested in politics and how his career choice has been fulfilling for him. 

“My mom was a high school English teacher and activities director and I used to go with her to all the student government events where she taught. I’ve been involved in student government since I was in elementary school. The older I got, the more interested I became in public service, politics and policy,” Bowman said. “[My] dad worked for the postal service. Both were heavily involved in the community with leadership positions at church or in youth sports leagues. They weren’t too involved in politics, but they always stepped up to volunteer and help out. I try to live up to that standard of service now that I’m an adult.”

As Bowman points out, public service and government work can be both fulfilling and tedious at the same time. 

“I used to work for former State Rep. Margaret Doherty when she was in the legislature and it was incredibly fulfilling. I remember helping a woman get a replacement for a lost birth certificate. She was moved to tears because of how much it meant to her (and how long it took!). I also remember helping Margaret pass a new law that expanded free school meals to thousands more students – I’m still proud to have played a small role in that. The campaigning part is usually less fulfilling than actually doing the work – but it’s an important part of our democratic process: earning the votes of the people you want to represent,” Bowman explained. 

Working in education and public service for so long creates many opportunities for being involved in fun events. As a respected and well-known person, Bowman is often invited and happy to attend school events in the district. 

“Last year, I got to be a guest judge at the Timberwolf Pageant – it was fun for me because 12 years ago, I was the emcee of the pageant as a senior at Tualatin High School. That’s been one of the fun parts about being a school board member in the community I grew up in: I get to see all the changes happening in our schools – and some of the traditions (and people!) that have stuck around.”