Fall sports captains make predictions for upcoming playoffs

Akash Balakumar, Business Manager/Web Editor/Co-News Editor

With fall sports coming to a close and league games officially ending, The Wolf decided to interview a few of our fall sports captains: Jack Wagner, Sophie Fast, Ava Spalding, Shivani Ufford, Jonathan Mercado, Jonah Beddes, Talitha Pierce, Joey Brick and Sienna Hoff.


How has the season been so far?

Talitha Pierce (Girls’ Cross Country): The season has been amazing so far! Lots of people have progressed so much from last year, and I can tell that everybody is giving it their all this year.


Joey Brick (Boys’ Water Polo): Really good. We’ve beat some really tough teams that we have lost to in the past.


Jonah Beddes (Boys’ Cross Country): Pretty rocky. Aaron [Lakeman] and I both came off of injuries this summer, which put us in a tough spot since we’re the 1st and 2nd runners on the team. But the next few guys have really stepped up and helped to fill in the gaps, so we’re in a good spot going into districts.


Who is the toughest team in the league?

Shivani Ufford (Cheer): Tualatin, of course. 


Jack Wagner (Football): Definitely West Linn.


Sienna Hoff (Girls’ Water Polo): The toughest team in state would have to be Lakeridge.


Who is the toughest team in the state?

Brick: The toughest teams in our state have always been Lake Oswego and Newberg. As of right now, LO is 17th in the nation and Newberg is in the top 100.


Beddes: It’s definitely Central Catholic. They have a runner who’s ranked top 25 in the nation, and a bunch of really solid contenders for top 30 in the state. 


Jonathan Mercado (Dance): I would say that it would either be Lake Oswego or Sherwood.


What are your predictions for state?

Wagner: We are currently ranked 6th in state and should make it to state.


Ava Spalding (Cheer): I think that we are fully capable of being first at state.


Brick: We have the possibility of ranking fourth at state, following LO, Newberg and Lakeridge.


What is your favorite memory?

Sophie Fast (Volleyball): My favorite memory has to be the team road trip to our Bend tournament during my freshman year.


Pierce: Racing with Claire Roach at Meriwether Golf Course this year!


Spalding: Traveling to California my junior year to cheer on football against Menlo-Atherton.


Beddes: Following Aaron and another teammate during a race to finish with a sub-17-minute PR.


Be sure to go support your Wolves through playoffs and state.