Add these experiences to your holiday to-do list


Graphic by Peyton Anderson.

Alyssa Diaz, Staff Writer

There are many festive activities for people with all sorts of interests this holiday season. Of course, there are some expensive activities out there, but there are also many inexpensive options, as well. 

An idea for people on a budget who want to celebrate this holiday season is a movie night, but not just any movie night: a night where you put on your most comfortable pajamas and make gingerbread cookies, the perfect snack. Another budget-friendly activity is walking around a neighborhood fully decorated with Christmas lights. 

Some of the more expensive activities during this time of year include going ice skating with your family or a group of friends. Just put on a pair of leg warmers, beanie and winter jacket, and you’re set. This is a picture-perfect experience during this winter season and is also a great date idea.

Another option is to go on a Zoo Light drive at the Oregon Zoo in Portland. This way you can turn the heater up, put some holiday music on and eat some snacks. This is a great option for those of us who prefer not to be as cold and chilly while enjoying the winter wonderland. 

If you already went to Zoo Lights or are looking for something else to do, consider watching the Nutcracker ballet performance in Portland. It is such an elegant show, and the music is wonderful. The decorations are sure to catch your eye, and you’re able to see the story unravel right before your eyes! It’s a classic way to spend your holiday season. 

We hope some of these ideas make it onto your holiday to-do list and you will have so much fun this winter!