Your guide to winter fashion


Marcus Ludes photographed by Isabella Kneeshaw.

Marcus Ludes, Staff Writer

Winter’s coming, and with it will be cold mornings, afternoons and nights. You’ll be freezing every day for the next couple of months, so look no further for what to wear this frosty season. 

I believe the puffer jacket is the definition of winter fashion. My favorite saying is, “The puffier, the better,” because nothing speaks to warmth like wearing a bubble. There’s also an argument that could be made for puffer vests, although wearing one is like using a table fan during summer. Sure it helps a little, but is it really worth having? Most of the time puffer jackets are black, but I think that brown, white and green ones need some appreciation, too. 

Turtlenecks, vests, button ups or just the classic sweater: all of these sweater types are special in their versatility. Any of these look great, and can be enhanced by their design. It can be a complicated piece of art, a single color or something in between, like snowflakes. There’s no limit to the uniqueness of a sweater, and that’s why they’re so great.

As far as shoes go, Birkenstock Bostons are my favorites, followed closely by Doc Marten boots and moccasins. While Doc Martens are bound to be warmer, I don’t think the look of Bostons can be topped. Moccasins are another great choice, which is what I’m most likely to be seen wearing.

Honorable mentions are sweatpants and trench coats, which should never be worn together, but with their own respective outfits, they work great.