DC leadership shift leads to big shake up


Graphic by Marcus Ludes.

Ethan Glick, Entertainment Editor

The hierarchy of power in the DC executive office has changed. As of Oct. 5, James Gunn, director of the Guardians of the Galaxy and The Suicide Squad, has been named CEO of DC Studios, alongside his Co-CEO Peter Safran. After about a decade of mediocre-terrible movies, DC has launched their last-ditch effort to become a decent movie studio by completely scrapping everything they were doing before and starting fresh. 

James Gunn is – without question – a talented director, with him being behind the Marvel soon-to-be trilogy of Guardians of the Galaxy, as well as what is, by far, the best DC movie to come out before this leadership: The Suicide Squad

Since taking the helm of DC, Gunn has wasted no time in radically changing the current landscape of DC. He canceled the upcoming Wonder Woman 3, as well as ending Dwayne Johnson’s self-hyped Black Adam series. However, the most devious and diabolical thing Jamesy-boy has done is the firing of fan-favorite Superman actor Henry Cavill.

After announcing his return to Superman in the post-credits scene of Black Adam, and then in a heartfelt social media post, Cavill returned to social media soon after to announce that he would in fact not be returning as Superman. As you can imagine, there was a serious uproar among the actor’s devoted fans. Gunn also faced backlash for being purposefully misleading regarding information about Superman’s future in the DC universe.

Despite the mass uproar amid the cancellations and firings at DC, it hasn’t all been bad. Gunn has confirmed that the standalone DC projects that are already established, such as Matt Reeves’ The Batman and Todd Philips’ Joker, will continue production uninterrupted.

Essentially, this “smooth transition of power” was anything but smooth, and the drama is only beginning. Either way,, it’ll be interesting to see where Gunn and Safran take the studio.