Students share advice for positive mental health in all seasons


Graphic by Isabella Kneeshaw.

Kayla Vo, Staff Writer

Winter is full of it all: happy holidays, snow, short days, lack of energy and a craving for the sun. As the seasons come and go, our mental health can feel muddled; with that in mind, prioritizing our well-being is extremely important.

Work2BWell is a mental health organization that provides students with tactics to help combat poor mental health and support themselves. We have one of Tualatin High School’s Work2BWell co-presidents, senior Lianna Smith, to share those strategies that everyone can keep in mind. , 

“One resource we provide is our podcast called Talk2BeWell. It’s clinically enhanced by doctors and trained students. The host(s) of each episode approach topics that many teens may struggle with as they are also young and living through it, too,” Smith explained.

Every student has a different story and struggles with mental health. The Wolf asked two Tualatin High School sophomores – Noah Freauf and Parker Morgan – to share their personal insights.


What affects your mental health in a positive and negative manner?

NF: “Definitely sports and working out [help it]. Whenever I play soccer, it clears my mind. Constant tests and homework affect me negatively.”

PM: “Getting Dutch Bros helps me get through the day, but teachers handing out school work drains me out.”

What helps you control your mental health challenges?

NF: “I would say just having a strong support group, like my friends and my family.”

PM: “Food. Always remember to eat. Taking breaks, drinking Dutch Bros, and journaling never fail to help me control my bad mental health.”


How do you see your mental health change throughout the year?

NF: “I see a huge difference going in and out of my sports season. I feel amazing when I’m active and able to play, but when I can’t, I feel horrible.”

PM: “In the summer, I find my happiness at its peak. And in the fall-winter times, it goes down a pretty good amount.”


Seasonal depression is a disorder that affects a large number of teenagers, but finding strategies to keep your personal morale high can help. Even though doctors find that seasonal affective disorder peaks well into winter, using these methods can help keep your mental wellness more steady throughout the whole year.