Tarot Cards are the way to clarity


Frida Ruiz photographed by Isabella Kneeshaw.

Frida Ruiz, Staff Writer

Tarot cards have been around since the 1440-50s and originated in the w  defined by the northern cities of Venice, Milan, Florence and Urbino.

In both France and Italy, the original purpose of the Tarot was as a parlor game, not as a divination tool. Playing card divination has been popular since the late 16th and early 18th centuries, although back then it was much more straightforward than how we use tarot today. From the 18th century, specific meanings began to be assigned to each card and suggestions were even offered on how to place them for divination purposes. 

However, with newer times come waves of misinformation and assumptions. Most of this misinformation has been spread by people on TikTok, who claim these cards told them when the end of the COVID-19 pandemic would be, but these “psychics” online got it all wrong; tarot cards cannot predict the future. Tarots are used as a form of divination, or simply as guidance for a variety of situations. 

For me personally, tarots are far more helpful for self-reflection and clarity. Sometimes if I’m overthinking a situation, I’ll take cards out and do some thinking that will either calm me down or make me stop and think, “Maybe this isn’t that deep,” or it will allow me to realize that this situation simply is out of my control. 

But honestly, believe what you want. If you think a stack of these cards can predict where you’ll meet the love of your life or will tell you how to become a billionaire, then to each their own!