Spring cleaning clears path for Daniel Caesar, Kali Uchis

Simon Phipps, Co-News-Editor

Cherry blossoms are in bloom, hopefully we’ve all cleaned our rooms and spring’s new RnB will make you swoon. 

In early March, female RnB artist Kali Uchis released her fifth studio album, Red Moon In Venus. The 45-minute listen consists of 15 songs. The artist’s refreshed taste assimilates genres of indie, soul and reggae. The narrative of the album tells the story of Uchis getting over a past relationship and searching for a new love. 

Features from Omar Apollo, Don Toliver and Summer Walker all serve as a great support to the narrative, as they all play specific roles in Uchis’ journey. Omar Apollo brings his well-known tone of longing and being in love in “Worth the Wait” when he sings with Uchis in the chorus, “I want to be around you every day / This feeling in my body’s not the same.” Don Toliver, who is currently dating Uchis, serves as a break from the emotional distress in his verse on “Fantasy,” singing, “I wanna dance, throw my hands in the air / I wanna dance, where no one really cares.” Lastly, Summer Walker brings a tone of self empowerment and the pinnacle turning point of Uchis’ journey, finally getting over her past love. 

Red Moon In Venus is a great listen for all RnB lovers and those who are looking for an emotional reup after a hard time. 

After a long four years, some controversy and growth – both musically and in his personal life – Daniel Caesar released his senior studio album NEVER ENOUGH. His loyal fans have been listening to his discography on repeat for the past four years, reciting every lyric of classic songs like “Best Part,” “Japanese Denim,” “Get You” and “LOVE AGAIN.” 

Caesar has been teasing his album for well over a year with experimental singles such as “PLEASE DO NOT LEAN” and “Made to Fall in Love.” The new album encompasses feelings of constant internal conflict concerning his love life. He asks himself questions like if the love he shares is real, and if his partner truly loves him. 

“Ocho Rios” offers a perfect tonal introduction to what listeners are about to get into, delivering a levitating chorus with lyrics concerning how he views himself between him and his partner. Ocho rios means eight rivers in Spanish, which is a Jamaican city Caesar visited. Popular for its waterfalls and rare citrus fruits, it introduces the concept of Caesar beginning to sow what he eventually reaps at the end of the album – clarity in the midst of internal chaos. 

The narrative remains static until the final two songs; he concludes with themes of affirmation in his relationship, expressing feelings of “Superpowers” and being “Unstoppable.” 

The album has features from four RnB artists: Mustafa, serpentwithfeet, Omar Apollo and Ty Dolla $ign. The bonus version adds Summer Walker, BADNOTGOOD and Rick Ross. Favorite songs based on current stream counts are “Do You Like Me?” and “Always.” The latter is one of the most emotional and lyrically-expressive songs on the album. The 15 songs last a solemn 55 minutes and prove to be yet another classic from Daniel Caesar. 

Kali Uchis and Daniel Caesar have both hinted at going on tour, so keep your wallets ready, and get your voices in top shape for the emotional journey of either album.