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Makayla Simonelic
Staff Writer

Appreciating Friendship

Photo by Olivia Beauchemin

Friendship holds immense significance in our lives, contributing to our overall well-being and happiness. The issue lies in establishing genuine connections with individuals who truly care, as these relationships offer support, understanding and companionship, making life more meaningful and enjoyable.

Within an intricate web of friendships, it’s crucial to be mindful of one-sided relationships. These imbalances occur when one person consistently gives while the other takes. If you find yourself meeting your friend’s needs without receiving equal or any support, or if you find your friendship to be transactional, the situation will negatively impact both individuals involved. Recognizing this is crucial, and taking proactive steps such as setting boundaries or reassessing the friendship becomes essential to prioritize your mental and emotional well-being. If being with a friend consistently leaves you stressed or anxious, it’s a sign of emotional drainage. These relationships tend to deplete your energy rather than offering support, creating a negative impact. 

It’s important to remember that, even if these individuals are a significant part of your life or perhaps the only person in your life, better people are waiting out there who will cherish and grow with you. Exploring and finding those connections, even if the journey is initially lonely, is worth the effort. Finding these fulfilling friendships has not only been a vital part of my life but also the source of my greatest happiness. The journey of cultivating and nurturing such connections has proven to be rewarding and transformative. 

True friends are like precious gems; their value is immeasurable. They stand as pillars of support that have a true understanding of who you are. In times of joy, they celebrate with genuine enthusiasm, and in moments of sorrow, they are empathetic. They are reliable confidantes who lend a listening ear, offering wisdom and encouragement when needed; they are a source of laughter and a comforting presence that navigates lows. In the tapestry of relationships, friends are threads of trust, love and authenticity.

When you have genuine people around you, you sense it in every moment. There’s this authentic appreciation and support that is there. It’s like an unspoken understanding – you reciprocate it without any conscious effort. There is no need to force anything; it simply unfolds. Being in this kind of connection reveals the beauty of straightforward and genuine care, making life a little bit easier. 

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